What a World, What a World

I recently read an article that, while I can’t confirm its validity, certainly gave me some things to think about. The article is reporting that NASA is in the works of completing a mobile water factory. It starts off by acknowledging that water is a limited source for humans. Very true. However, their concern is for water in space. What about the humans who live here on Earth who struggle everyday just to get a fresh sip of the nectar of life? What about Flint Michigan? People do live there. People who need fresh water. People who cannot take a bath. People who are being told that delivering bottles of water is becoming a nuance. Recent reports also states that the Fruitvale section of California has high levels of lead in their water as well. What about them? What about us? Are we next? Read the article here and tell me what you think.

Read what documentary filmmaker and author Michael Moore had to say about the Flint Water Tragedy .

East Bay Times reported on Fruitvale.

Even if the article is fictitious now, what are the possibilities of this becoming  reality in the very near future? Every effort is being put into discovering new worlds, discovering new life-forms, discovering new places for advancement, but the people here in America—Really?! Who am I kidding? There are people all over the world who lack access to proper drinking facilities and adequate food and housing. People on Earth are suffering everyday and no one seems to care.

Am I the only one who believes we are nearing the point where man has depleted Earth so much that they are trying to jump ship from the errs of their ways. Am I the only one to think that, should there be life on another planet, they would only be right to kick any Earthling off or, as president-elect Donald Trump says, they need to build a wall, immediately.

Humans are destructive. Far too many of us are heartless. We do not care about living things-think about those animals that are now or almost extinct. Think about the homeless and people who have no food, yet restaurants and supermarkets discard uneaten goods daily. We live for the moment not for the long-term. We try to master the art of survival for us at the cost of the survival of all those who will come after us.

It’s kind of easy to lose faith in those who have the ability to help but don’t. It’s even easier to lose trust when those who do come to help only want to help themselves. There are organizations that you can contact if you are able to provide assistance to the residents of Flint, Michigan. They truly need help and those who have the means to do so…well, this has been a crisis for 2 years now. Do you see where I’m going?

I won’t promote any one particular agency here-mostly for the same reason above-but there are a few.  I pray that the resolution for all those affected comes quick but, again, it’s been 2 years for them and, probably, only matter of a time for us.

Featured photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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