Are you ready for commitment?

If you can't tell, I am a fan favorite of everything relationship. I've had my fair share of them and, if I can't call them anything else, I can definitely say that they were learning experiences. And I mean that in the figurative, literal, and comical sense. We engage in many relationships over the course … Continue reading Are you ready for commitment?

Once is enough.

Hi Liz, I met a guy through a mutual friend and we slept together.  I only wanted it to be a one-night stand.  The problem is, I'm not looking for a relationship but he keeps asking me to go out on dates.  I always make up an excuse of why I can't go but I … Continue reading Once is enough.

Daily Inspiration: Choosing Happiness

Happiness- the characterization or indication of pleasure,contentment, or joy. Sound familiar? Responses I like to hear to that are- Yesss! That's the best! Or even, I know that feeling!! Usually, however, I get- Huh? Umm, yeah...sure. Right, I guess. For a long time I was guilty of the latter and I must admit I, occasionally, still have slips … Continue reading Daily Inspiration: Choosing Happiness

Not in her house.

My boyfriend and I live with his mother and stepfather in a three-bedroom apartment. We've been dating for 2 years and have been living here for one year. Our problem is his mother will not let us sleep in the same room. We're both in our twenties and we both work. We help pay bills … Continue reading Not in her house.

Communication in Relationships

It's almost here. In exactly 24 hours Valentine's Day will officially commence. That one day of the year that's supposed to showcase a lifetime of love. Hmmm... Maybe that's the problem... Maybe people try to cram too much expectation into 1 out of 365 days of the year. Everyone wants to meet, date, get engaged, … Continue reading Communication in Relationships

Go get your own.

 I'm seeing this guy who is in his forties for 4 months now. I'm 23. He's married but said that things are not the way they should be at home and he's thinking about leaving but doesn't want to hurt his wife by telling her so soon. He talked about us getting an apartment together … Continue reading Go get your own.

In the arms of depression

Life is definitely like a box of chocolates. You never know what each second of it will reveal. It's no surprise that there will be moments of joy, bouts of sadness and periods of loneliness. These are all normal growing pains that we are bound to by default. Feeling down is nothing to be alarmed … Continue reading In the arms of depression

Cultivating a More Positive You.

Admitting that you have a problem is said to be the first step to recovery. My admission: These past few weeks have been hella horrible trying to stay in the positive lane. There! I said it! Now what? Does a pixie fly down and sprinkle me with some positive vibes dust? No? I didn't think … Continue reading Cultivating a More Positive You.

The World Through My Eyes

The Blog Dahlia


Where did I go? As I walk to the mirror to see what it shows. The face that looks back at me holds-

A resemblance of a girl I used to know. Her eyes, though the same color are darkly tinted with hurt and fear, blood and punishment,confusion and hate.

Her body wears scars of war. A war she physically survived but mentally she’s no more.

Teeth marks, stitches, scratches… Bruised by choking, palms, fists and feet… Knives, belts, bottles,chords…guns… She’s still here but doesn’t realize she already beat defeat.

Why? Only God knows why. Only God can make sense of the life he designed. Only God can describe the pieces he arranged for the puzzle of a life that’s mine.

Only God can describe all the work that he’s done to redirect the pieces of me that I destroyed because I felt

Because I felt they didn’t belong.

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Living Single or Ready to Mingle.

Hi! So, I've been out of the loop for a while. My last relationship of 4 years ended badly and I have not had the desire to date anyone since then. It will be 2 years in May. Part of me is ok with not being booed up. The thought of having to get to … Continue reading Living Single or Ready to Mingle.