Is It Just My Imagination?

Hi Liz, I just want to get your take on this situation. I work in an office where I am 1 of 5 African Americans. My co-workers are pretty cool and they include me in on everything but sometimes I feel like our interactions are inappropriate.  I wear my hair natural and they always want … Continue reading Is It Just My Imagination?

Friends Come And Friends Go

Hi Liz, I have been friends with this girl since junior high school. We have always called each other best friends, sisters or cousins and we hung out all the time. Now we are both in our 20's and, even though we still get together, things don't feel the same. Even our conversations feel different. … Continue reading Friends Come And Friends Go

I Heart My Boobies

The annual gynecological exam. That one day of the year when poking, prodding, and touching in the nude reaches an all time high of awkward. But, it must be done. This year my gyno threw in a little something extra. She told me I was now at the age where a mammogram is recommended. Very … Continue reading I Heart My Boobies

A Special Motivation Because Today Is Not Just Monday

Today's motivation is in honor of my son who gave me purpose 25 years ago. He exhibits this daring, free spirit that confuses and wows me all at once. Where I am introverted and-as he reminds me regularly-less festive (ok he says NOT festive at all but...), he is extroverted and will celebrate the alphabet … Continue reading A Special Motivation Because Today Is Not Just Monday

Some Days I’m Like Finding Dory

Let me get started on my next blog post. ...OH LOOK, a Facebook notification! That is the story of my life! It amazes me at how fast I can get side-tracked and go from having a list of 10 things to do to still having a list of 10 things to do all within a … Continue reading Some Days I’m Like Finding Dory