A Wedding Invitation: Come One But Not All

Hi! I'm getting married this year. My fiancé and I have decided that we want an intimate setting for the ceremony with only our immediate family members in attendance. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not inviting them but we also do not want to create a bigger expense than we can afford. … Continue reading A Wedding Invitation: Come One But Not All

What a World, What a World

I recently read an article that, while I can't confirm its validity, certainly gave me some things to think about. The article is reporting that NASA is in the works of completing a mobile water factory. It starts off by acknowledging that water is a limited source for humans. Very true. However, their concern is … Continue reading What a World, What a World

The World Through My Eyes

Where did I go? As I walk to the mirror to see what it shows. The face that looks back at me holds- A resemblance of a girl I used to know. Her eyes, though the same color are darkly tinted with hurt and fear, blood and punishment,confusion and hate. Her body wears scars of … Continue reading The World Through My Eyes

Spending the Holiday with Family

Finally got a chance to see Almost Christmas and I loved it! Aside from it being reminiscent of a Soul Food/This Christmas hybrid, the casting was the perfect recipe for endless laughs and foolery. Just in case you haven't seen it, I'll try not to spoil it for you but I do recommend it! Check … Continue reading Spending the Holiday with Family

A Happy Family New Year

This past weekend was absolutely amazing! I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve at my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot and brought in the New Year with my family. I can remember, not so long ago, when New Years Eve signified party time. I wanted to hang out, have a drink or … Continue reading A Happy Family New Year

12.31.16-New Year’s Eve To You But So Much More To Me

1 YEAR 12 MONTHS 365 DAYS 8,760 HOURS 525,600 MINUTES 315,360,000 SECONDS A couple of months ago I came across a blog post about a very interesting topic. When I saw the title of the post I immediately raised not one but both eyebrows and let out a quick hmm. As I read the content … Continue reading 12.31.16-New Year’s Eve To You But So Much More To Me

Pulling the Weeds and Trimming the Hedges.

And this just in: “I’m making some changes in my life. If you don’t hear from me you were one of them.”~unknown So nice, I had to say it twice! The second time doesn't sound as cruel as the first. At this stage of your life change, it actually might be music to your ears. Now … Continue reading Pulling the Weeds and Trimming the Hedges.

The Mental Preparation

"Your mind is where your problem is in the first place". ~Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind. As mentioned in my previous post, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Change?, transitioning from the person you are to the person you desire to be is a far cry from being simple. Mental preparation should be the first step … Continue reading The Mental Preparation

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Change?

Over the next few days I will be sharing my opinion on the importance of something we all need yet many despair. "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.~ Robin Sharma The only thing harder than personal change is finding that needle in the haystack. Over the years … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Change?

Choosing to be Better

A quick check-in as another week is nearing it's end. Sundays are notorious for being church, laundry, house cleaning, big meal cooking, sports watching or do nothing all day kind of days because the new week - be it a work week, school week or homemaker week - is about to begin. Regardless of what … Continue reading Choosing to be Better

Through the Looking Glass

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with the husband of a woman who had recently passed away. This was my first time ever speaking with him but I immediately felt a connection. He wasn't sad about her passing. In fact, he was happy to share feelings about his wife's life and death as well … Continue reading Through the Looking Glass

Reversing Murphy’s Law or, at least, remaining sane while it wreaks havoc.

For those of you who are not familiar with Murphy's Law it simply states anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Feels good to have a name for the chaos in your life now, doesn't it? Have you ever had one of those days where Murphy's Law and all of his friends camped out … Continue reading Reversing Murphy’s Law or, at least, remaining sane while it wreaks havoc.

Domestic Violence

I never cease to be amazed at the foolishness that travels the lines of media across the world. By now you may have heard about the Moroccan TV show that aired a tutorial to teach women who have been victimized at the hands of their domestic abusers how to apply makeup to cover their bruises. … Continue reading Domestic Violence

A Cup of Coffee

It's amazing how normal everyday things can be a source of inspiration when you have the desire to write. Something as simple as a cup of coffee can help you tell a story. Imagine sitting across from someone whom you haven't seen in years. Imagine, placed between the two of you, a table on which … Continue reading A Cup of Coffee

Family Ties

It's true. Our family are the first friends we have in life. They are the ones who witness just about all of our firsts. They are the ones who pick us up when we fall-after they laugh, of course. They are the ones who wear our clothes without permission or steal the last ice cream … Continue reading Family Ties

No meat, please.

Hi all! So, on Thanksgiving day, I spent a few hours in the emergency room where I presented for chest and neck pain. Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing serious. My dilemma is, since that day, I have not wanted to eat a single bite of beef, chicken, or turkey. I will eat seafood … Continue reading No meat, please.

The Top 25 Things I Don’t Understand.

  Morning people. You know who you are. You guys wake up like the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil and immediately start hurling your good mornings and chipper smiles all over the place. I secretly hate you! People who watch tv shows that you dislike but insist on having a full-blown, one-sided conversation with you in an … Continue reading The Top 25 Things I Don’t Understand.

HPV vaccine for infants?

Today, I want to piggyback, slightly, off of my last post on STI's. A brief look at HPV. The Human Papillon Virus (HPV) is a very common sexually transmitted infection that is spread through vaginal, anal, or oral sex in both males and females. More than 40 classifications of this virus exist and, at some … Continue reading HPV vaccine for infants?

The STD/STI Connection

I came across an article that discussed the possibility of a connection between grooming your pubic area and sexually transmitted infections (STI's). Doctors from the University of California are looking at the popularity of grooming oneself as a link in the transmission of STI's.  It has been noted that the at risk survey participant groomers … Continue reading The STD/STI Connection

Is it an act or a fact?

If your act of kindness is only for the camera or for the praise, it's not kindness at all.  It's just an act.    ~Liz McKenzie How many of you know someone who is always there to lend a helping hand BUT they have to prepare their acceptance speech first?  How many of you are that … Continue reading Is it an act or a fact?


As Sunday nears to an end, I prepare for the week ahead.  Dinner made (vegetable lasagna and garlic bread).  Check. Laundry done (done as in washed no guarantee on the fold).  Check.  Kids ready for school.  They are today but, as routine goes, they won't be able to find anything tomorrow.  Ditto for my husband. … Continue reading Reflection

From a Mother to her Children

Sometimes there are things I want to say but don't.  Sometimes there are things I do say that just doesn't come out right. Sometimes I am wrong- I'm human. Just know that the love I have for you is forever constant.  There is nothing that I wouldn't do to keep you happy and keep you … Continue reading From a Mother to her Children

Law and Disorder

Pregnancy has a way of uncovering many emotions.  Shock, joy, fear, and excitement spread through expectant mothers and fathers as well as family and friends.  The ability to procreate and carry another living being within your body is an amazingly beautiful thing that is not awarded to everyone.  While baby is developing, mom and dad … Continue reading Law and Disorder

The Countdown Begins

image source Well guys, it's that time of the year again!  With the start of New Years Resolution season vastly approaching, I thought it would be fitting to highlight some resolution inclusions that are definitely worth considering for the new year, new me crowd. Getting healthy and staying healthy is not just about what you … Continue reading The Countdown Begins

Fool’s Gold

Have you ever been caught up in chasing fool's gold?  Jill Scott, poetically, described chasing a dream that didn't exist in her soulful song with the same title. While driving around running errands one day, this song came on the radio.  Now I have heard it hundreds of times but on that day I really listened to … Continue reading Fool’s Gold

An Attitude for Gratitude

G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E! Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful and a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Gratitude helps you bring recognition to the value of every aspect of your life and the lives of others. In my observations, it was apparent that while people issued thank you's, there was a huge gap … Continue reading An Attitude for Gratitude


Move to the beat of your own drum. Everyone is not going to support you on your journey and some people will try to convince you that you're going the wrong way. That's why it's so important to develop and strengthen your knowledge of self. When you know who you are, what you want, and … Continue reading WEDNESDAY PEP-TALK

A Place For Everything

What's a gal to do? I am almost envious of you awesome bloggers who can so eloquently and creatively share your footprints in the sand. The niches of the blogging world are endless and you guys dress it up beautifully!! As I become Dora la exploradora in my mind, I venture off on a niche … Continue reading A Place For Everything

Just a little food for thought

Are you happy with what you see and where you're going? It's not too late to make some changes. What is one thing you think you need to change that would be beneficial to your future? Is it a work in progress or is something holding you back? What do you need to do to … Continue reading Just a little food for thought

It’s The Simple Things

Can you believe it? The year is halfway complete!  While we were doting on one task or other, Father Time whispered sweet nothings into the winds of Mother Nature's kiss. When we weren't looking, Autumn turned to Winter and Winter became Spring as Summer patiently waits in the shadows. Amid the changes of the seasons, … Continue reading It’s The Simple Things

Hey, hey, hey…It’s Mother’s Day!

IT'S THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND, MOMMY'S!!!! I know this weekend is supposed to be extra special for the maternal role model but allow me -if you will- a moment to tell you why we are more than just a single recognized calendar day (that some of us try to stretch out over a couple of days … Continue reading Hey, hey, hey…It’s Mother’s Day!

How Self-Love Can Help You Succeed.

#apostwithnoimages #theonlythingyouneedtoseeisYOU Last week, I spoke about finding your purpose. I feel it's important to be driven by something (your purpose) that is meant to magnify not only the happiness in your life but also in the lives of those you encounter. You see, when you feel good about yourself you are in a better … Continue reading How Self-Love Can Help You Succeed.

The Walking Dead

Hi. I was recently in attendance at the funeral of a close relative. Normally, I try to avoid funerals whenever possible but, because this was my uncle, I had to be there. My problem is not that I attended the funeral but that I had to be around my family. I hate to be in … Continue reading The Walking Dead

The Grass Looks Greener

Hey there! Okay, here's my dilemma. I've been in a relationship for the past 8 years with my boyfriend. We decided early on in the relationship that neither of us wanted to get married or have children and that has not changed but I think I am getting bored. I'm beginning to feel like this … Continue reading The Grass Looks Greener

Finding Your Purpose In A Sea Of Purposeless

As you get older you learn to appreciate the minor nuances of your childhood.  If only your most devastating problems, now, were solved with a quick trip to the toy store or a kiss to make it all better. Then adulthood happens. You go from piggyback rides to car notes and from building sand castles … Continue reading Finding Your Purpose In A Sea Of Purposeless